Wednesday, October 12, 2016

PPAP Burger ! (Pita-porky-egg-avacado-Pita)

This is a veli complex burger and will blast ur taste buds with different layers of flavours!
I've maintained the healthiness in this sinful creation by using Pita bread and less oil in cooking.

There are 5 layers to this:

1- KimChi (bought over-the-counter). Tangy starts! 

2- Caramelised white onion, sweet sweet !
sautee onions sliced onions with dark vinegar/ soy sauce/ olive oil

3- telur-goyang with cheese. Melts in your mouth, ooze when u bite =P
fried sunny side up with cheese on top, folded in half

4. Oven-baked Luncheon meat > Luncheon fries! Crunchy Goodness!!
Sliced lunchoen meat and baked at 250 Celcius for 20 mins 

5- Avacado-lemon zesty dressing. Refreshing bottoms!
Diced avocado mixed with half lemon, a teaspoon honey + salt/pepper

Now line up the ingredients and begin arranging the Burger to your liking!

I like mine sloppy =)

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