Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hone-jato (bone ninjato)

Hey Orthobots !!!

here's another movie inspired sword ! 
Noted the design from the zombie series " The strain" and thought that it was way too cool not to replicate one! 



femur replica saw bone

fibreglass roll (5 inch)

 flat black and transparent spray paint


  1. Remove the wrap around the ninjato handle, wipe clean. 

2.               measure the length and width to saw away so that the handle sits firmly on the bone.

     3.                                          Cut off the distal part of femur.

4.                        Using 2mm to 4 mm size drillbit, drill a vertical groove for the ninjato handle.

5.            spray paint the whole femur black follow by a coat of transparent paint for durability.

6.  Now, remember to wear your glove! snug the ninjato to the bone and hold it with layers of fiberglass rolls for strength!

       7.                                 Finish it of with another layer of flat black paint.

This is a simple project but fulfil the inner child dream in me to have a cool looking sword LOL 
anyways this sword is purely for decorative purpose! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

PPAP Burger ! (Pita-porky-egg-avacado-Pita)

This is a veli complex burger and will blast ur taste buds with different layers of flavours!
I've maintained the healthiness in this sinful creation by using Pita bread and less oil in cooking.

There are 5 layers to this:

1- KimChi (bought over-the-counter). Tangy starts! 

2- Caramelised white onion, sweet sweet !
sautee onions sliced onions with dark vinegar/ soy sauce/ olive oil

3- telur-goyang with cheese. Melts in your mouth, ooze when u bite =P
fried sunny side up with cheese on top, folded in half

4. Oven-baked Luncheon meat > Luncheon fries! Crunchy Goodness!!
Sliced lunchoen meat and baked at 250 Celcius for 20 mins 

5- Avacado-lemon zesty dressing. Refreshing bottoms!
Diced avocado mixed with half lemon, a teaspoon honey + salt/pepper

Now line up the ingredients and begin arranging the Burger to your liking!

I like mine sloppy =)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hand of God

Are we truly in control? Or merely a puppet of a higher being or inner-self?
Is our perceived freedom a reality? Or an illusion that kept us in prison in this material world?
We toil ourselves daily to achieve what society's benchmark as success to gain control but lost our way in pursuit...
We dream of freedom at the top but end up imprisoning person around us...
Is that what life is suppose to be? a never ending rat race?
I do not know the answer nor do I know the way to be truly free and in control of my life.
I only hope by constantly asking myself these same questions repeatedly, I would find an answer some day.
Till then, I will continue to be a puppet for God/ society / moral compass ...

PS: thank you Caryn Koh for materialising my idea to this drawing. She's a talented artist that I am proud to have as a friend! Kudos!


This a photo with the famous artist Caryn Koh. Check out her FB page @ Caryn Koh Art

Saturday, August 13, 2016

LED Bullet Reading Flashlight

Hello !

Here's a project inspired by google glasses.

Recently, I'd bought the world smallest LED keychain from SLUGHAUS

It is a bullet shape LED keychain with LED bright enough to lit up the entire room!

I realised that I needed a spectacles to protect my eyes from debris/ blood and a powerful LED light to focus on work field.



1x spectacles of your choice 
2x slughaus bullet flashlight
2x paper clip (color of your choice)
1x plier


  1. remove chain from bullet flashlight and unravel paper clip.

2. insert paperclip into the bottom of flashlight.

3. twist the paperclip using a plier into this shape below

4. hook the paperclip to the flashlight and attach it to the glasses 

5. attach one/ two according to your liking.

6. test the flashlight and adjust the focus point according to your eye level.

7. look cool while doing your manly work LOL

Sunday, July 31, 2016

An attempt on Korean Dinner.

I love food! be it Korean, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Malay cuisines. All the eating and indulging makes it hard for me to maintain my youthful figure =p. Hence I'm always trying new recipes or diet which is tasty and yet less burden on my weight.

Korean and Japanese food strike a balance in that category. 

Here's my take on healthy Korean meal!

I have prepared : 

1. Spicy Pork Kimchi soup 
2. Korean BBQ marinated oven fried Chicken
3. Spicy Oceanic Seaweed Salad

Korean barbecue sauce oven fried chicken 

100g chicken breast (sliced)
Korean BBQ marinate sauce 
2 x large egg
1.5 cup Japanese Tempura bread crumbs 
KFC flour 
corn flour 
salt and pepper 

1. Marinated chicken slices with 3 tablespoons of Korean BBQ sauce and a tablespoon of corn starch for an hour.

2. Prepare the batter for oven fried 
whisk 2 large eggs in a bowl, and mix 1.5 cup of tempura crumbs with a cup of KFC flour in another bowl.

3. Coat the marinated chicken in a egg then cover it with bread crumbs 

4. Brush the oven tray with sunflower oil. Lay the chicken slices evenly. 

5. Bake it at 220 Celcius for 10 mins each side and you are done. 

Spicy Oceanic Seaweed Salad 

1x pack of Japanese seaweed 
Oyster sauce 
Apple cider vinegar 
Red onion 
5 leaf of birdeye chili (diced)

1. Soak the seaweed in hot water for 15 mins 

2. Drained, add in chopped onion, birdeye chili, 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix well! 

3. keep refrigerated for half an hour and serve!

 Spicy Pork Kimchi Soup

3 cloves of garlic 
1 yellow onion 
200g of pork rib 
1x carrots
2x potatoes 
1x cabbage 
3 table spoon  x Korean spicy chili sauce 
salt and pepper to taste 

1. Sauteed garlic, onion and pork in a pot till golden brown and fragrant. 
2. add in carrots, potatoes, and cabbage with 200ml of water 
3. add 3 tablespoons of korean spicy chili sauce and 2 tablespoons of Kimball chili sauce in the hotpot 
4. bring the soup to boil for 5 mins and simmer for another hour. 

You can stuff yourself with this "fried" chicken without worrying about calories and cholesterol !

Fordable Ironing board.

A space-saving DIY ironing board!


Wall-mounted drop-leaf table, white



Ironing mat


1. Fix Norberg to desired laundry room.

2. Cut ironing mat 2 inches larger than the table top, staple all the edge of the ironing mat to the bottom of the table top and trim the excessive cloth.

3. staple the ribbon of your choice to the side of the table.

4. Finally, test the folding mechanism.