Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hone-jato (bone ninjato)

Hey Orthobots !!!

here's another movie inspired sword ! 
Noted the design from the zombie series " The strain" and thought that it was way too cool not to replicate one! 



femur replica saw bone

fibreglass roll (5 inch)

 flat black and transparent spray paint


  1. Remove the wrap around the ninjato handle, wipe clean. 

2.               measure the length and width to saw away so that the handle sits firmly on the bone.

     3.                                          Cut off the distal part of femur.

4.                        Using 2mm to 4 mm size drillbit, drill a vertical groove for the ninjato handle.

5.            spray paint the whole femur black follow by a coat of transparent paint for durability.

6.  Now, remember to wear your glove! snug the ninjato to the bone and hold it with layers of fiberglass rolls for strength!

       7.                                 Finish it of with another layer of flat black paint.

This is a simple project but fulfil the inner child dream in me to have a cool looking sword LOL 
anyways this sword is purely for decorative purpose! 

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