Saturday, August 13, 2016

LED Bullet Reading Flashlight

Hello !

Here's a project inspired by google glasses.

Recently, I'd bought the world smallest LED keychain from SLUGHAUS

It is a bullet shape LED keychain with LED bright enough to lit up the entire room!

I realised that I needed a spectacles to protect my eyes from debris/ blood and a powerful LED light to focus on work field.



1x spectacles of your choice 
2x slughaus bullet flashlight
2x paper clip (color of your choice)
1x plier


  1. remove chain from bullet flashlight and unravel paper clip.

2. insert paperclip into the bottom of flashlight.

3. twist the paperclip using a plier into this shape below

4. hook the paperclip to the flashlight and attach it to the glasses 

5. attach one/ two according to your liking.

6. test the flashlight and adjust the focus point according to your eye level.

7. look cool while doing your manly work LOL