Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hand of God

Are we truly in control? Or merely a puppet of a higher being or inner-self?
Is our perceived freedom a reality? Or an illusion that kept us in prison in this material world?
We toil ourselves daily to achieve what society's benchmark as success to gain control but lost our way in pursuit...
We dream of freedom at the top but end up imprisoning person around us...
Is that what life is suppose to be? a never ending rat race?
I do not know the answer nor do I know the way to be truly free and in control of my life.
I only hope by constantly asking myself these same questions repeatedly, I would find an answer some day.
Till then, I will continue to be a puppet for God/ society / moral compass ...

PS: thank you Caryn Koh for materialising my idea to this drawing. She's a talented artist that I am proud to have as a friend! Kudos!


This a photo with the famous artist Caryn Koh. Check out her FB page @ Caryn Koh Art

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