Monday, July 4, 2016

Nimbus luminous !

The thunderstorm is COMING !
It's a cloud! it's pendant light! IT is Nimbus Luminous !
I made this after my wife stared enviously at the cloud light in a dessert restaurant =)
It is an easy, fun sized, and affordable project for a playroom.
Let's get started!

Solleftea lantern x1
Hemma lamp x1
Old unused teddies x 2
Glue gun
Ledare LED 1000 lm x1 (white)
Oram LED 350lm x1 (warm)

Hemma lamp with 2 sockets + 2 LED with different light tone 

Various sizes of lantern ready-made from Ikea. I chose oval shape as it resembles a cloud.

Sacrificial lambs! so cute so fluffy !


1. Open and expand the Solleftea lantern (Ikea common sense) and set up the pendant light + LEDS 

Link both socket as above in a L-shape configuration. I used the socket mount as a holder for the extra long wires. 

2. Dissection!! Imagine yourself as Hannibal Lecter + Frankenstein!
    Remove all the teddies' innards and use it to create life ! 

I like to start from the back following the seam line. It leaves a better scar. Extract all cotton inside.

3. Glue teddy's innards to the lantern ! Haphazardly as possible to give the cloud its unique identity !

Glue the cotton to the lantern using a glue gun. Be creative !

4. Now stuff the heart of the light into the innards-laden-lantern !

Make sure the heart is floating inside
(* fire safety)

5. Finally, hang this glorious pendant light in your children room/ playroom ! 

Sorry for the dark background, haven't master the art of taking pic with lights on.

Time spent                : 3- 4 hours 
$ spent                      : 35 USD
Comment from wife :  1st impression - You have no artistic sense LOL! * I didn't use enough innards/cotton for the 1st attempt. 
I went back to sacrifice another teddy and made the cloud more fluffy! She loved it hahaha  

Enjoy building !!!

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